Firewood For Sale

Sherman Oaks, CA

Whether you wish to burn a fire as an additional source of heat or strictly for pleasure and ambiance, purchasing top quality firewood is of great importance. Freshly cut firewood typically has large moisture content by weight and has to be dried out for a long while before it can be used. No type of firewood, including ash, can properly burn when green. The ideal moisture content for good combustion is below 20 percent. Anything above 25 percent will result in wasted energy used in drying out the firewood, with the added risk of condensation in the flue. This can further lead to copious amounts of creosote (sap residue that clogs a chimney flue and even cause fires in extreme situations) building up within the fireplace. At Holiday Firewood, we ensure all our firewood has been properly seasoned before we put up any firewood for sale. It is also strongly discouraged to burn anything that has been painted or treated for construction purposes. This includes things like landscaping tiles and wood from a deck. They tend to release toxic chemicals like arsenic into the air.

There are several types of firewood for sale at Holiday Firewood. Some are softwoods while others and hardwoods. The latter burns cleaner and hotter, which means you will end up burning fewer logs compared to softwoods to get the heat intensity you want. Hardwoods tend to create less creosote. Oak is the most popular hardwood, others include Osage orange and Hickory. Softwoods are usually more in abundance and more affordable. Since they easily ignite, burning softwood will heat the flue and fireplace faster. However, they produce more creosote and smoke. Common examples include pine, lodgepole, cedar, pinyon, and juniper. If you are not sure what to get, you can add both to your firewood delivery. The softwood will preheat the chimney and once the fire is going, add hardwood to make it last long. Call us or visit our Sherman Oaks, CA location today and place your order.