Affordable Firewood

Pasadena, CA

Whenever winter comes around, homeowners in Pasadena, CA are often eager to find ways they can reduce their heating bills without sacrificing their warmth. Firewood can be a good alternative source of heat during that time. It can save you money on gas and oil on a monthly basis. Burning wood for heat requires an efficient wood-burning fireplace or stove, properly dried wood and adequate storage space for the logs. There are several types of wood that are fit for cooking or the fireplace. However, the quality of firewood you use makes a big difference in how effectively you warm up your house.

At Holiday Firewood, we supply seasoned affordable firewood that has been dried out in the sun for extended periods of time. Freshly cut green wood has high moisture content per weight, and is not only harder to burn, but also burns with significantly lower heat. Wet wood should be completely avoided in favor of properly dried wood. We sell firewood from both hardwood and softwood trees. Each of them has different energy contents. Hardwoods typically have the highest energy content and are the preferred option to high, intense heat. Some of the hardwood types you can find at Holiday Firewood include red oak, sugar maple and rock elm. Softwoods, such as white spruce, green ash, basswood and white pine are less dense, meaning they don't burn for long with the same heat intensity.

Despite hardwoods being the most obvious choice for long, comfy nights by the fire, they are generally harder to ignite. Due to their reduced density, softwoods are more resinous. They, therefore, ignite much faster and can be used to start up the fire. The best choice for firewood boils down to personal preference and requirements. If you call us or visit us today, we can advise you on the best choice as per your needs. So, call Holiday Firewood today for the most reliable and affordable firewood in Pasadena, CA.